Why Do People Snore?

Snoring is not only annoying for you and for those who live under the same roof. It can also be dangerous.

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Snoring can be so annoying in the bedroom and can cause sleeplessness. For some couples a partner’s snoring can exaggeratedly lead to relationship gaps, fights, and other resentments. To treat snoring and to understand more how about it, you need ask the question, “Why do people snore?”

So, why do people snore, you ask? Snoring happens basically because the passageway of the air is obstructed, either in the nose or in the throat. While you sleep, all the muscles relax and that includes the muscles in your throat and mouth. When they relax, they tend to drop and will usually collapse on top of the other, that’s why passageways are blocked partially. That is why some people who have colds, cough, or allergies tend to snore because their passageway is swollen and can allow less air to go in and out.

An enlargement in the throat can also cause snoring. Enlarged tonsils or muscles are some examples of these. If your child is a snorer at an early age, then you might want to have his or her tonsils checked. Moreover, the reason why the snoring problem applies more to men than women is that their bodies are tuned to build bigger muscles. Men have thicker neck than women and can be a usual cause of snoring.

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Although there are physiological causes that answer to the question, “Why do people snore?” there are also some lifestyle decisions that can contribute to snoring and can also lead to worsening them. One of them is drinking alcohol, and smoking is another. Alcohol can make you feel sluggish, and your muscles will definitely react the same way. Alcohol suppresses activity in the part of your brain responsible for breathing regulation, and can relax the muscles in your nose and throat area, making the muscles collapse on top of the other and blocks the air way. Other medicines that are used as sedatives can cause similar reaction to the muscles and can also cause snoring. Smoking, on the other hand, is a slow killer that affects much of the respiratory system. With a damaged respiratory system, the body struggles to give your more oxygen, and the strain can lead to snoring.

Another common cause to the snoring problem is weight gain or obesity. While we know the different disadvantages of being overweight, snoring as an effect is always overlooked. Thicker tissue and muscles and added fat around the neck area greatly constricts the passageway and a person tends to have difficulty breathing, which will most likely lead to snoring.

Other common causes of snoring are aging and heredity. Aging makes the throat narrower and the muscles tend to be lazy, while heredity can make physical features such as the similarly narrow throat or enlarged tonsils passed on to the younger generations. By answering the question, “Why do people snore?” we know better how to treat snoring, not just for ourselves, but for other people who are important in our lives as well.