What Stop Snoring Aids Are There On The Market?

There are presently no products on the market that can cure snoring completely; however one can find several snoring aids that can help in drastically reducing or perhaps stopping snoring completely. Such products can be a God’s send to the snorer and especially to his family, who are usually the real victims as they have to listen to the annoying noise. There are about 300 patents for snoring aids; however some of these snoring aids might not be effective at all.

One of the most effective snoring aids available is the snoring chin strap. A snoring chin strap essentially keeps you from opening your mouth. Snoring is usually accomplished when the mouth is open, since this causes pressure on the throat are and increases vibration. One of the most popular snoring chin straps is available at SnoringSolutionSite.com.

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Other Common Snoring Aids are the Snoring Nasal Strips and Snoring Pillows

Other common snoring aids are the snoring nasal strips which are designed to open the nasal passage so that the sufferer breathes through the nose and not through the mouth. Anti snoring pillows can be fairly effective in reducing snoring.

Unlike normal pillows, anti snoring pillows are usually made of foam and they are made in such a way to help the snorer to sleep on his side so as to drastically reduce his/her snoring. It has been shown that snoring is accentuated when one sleeps on the back and that snoring is usually reduced when one sleeps on the side. Today one can even find shirts on the market that are designed to help snorers sleep on their side.

Addictive Snoring Aids

Various stop snoring sprays can be found on the market. How effective these sprays are still needs to be seen. The purpose of a stop snoring spray is usually to soften the tissues of the airways, the problem being that snoring is not normally caused by “harsh” airways. Moreover snoring sprays can be addictive and are therefore they are not really recommended snoring aids.

Other products that claim to stop snoring are devices that are worn on the wrist (SnoreStopper is one such device) and stop snoring rings that are worn in a finger. The wrist device detects when you are snoring and sends electronic pulses which will remind you to reposition yourself without waking you up. Stop snoring rings are designed to press a particular pressure point on a finger which will create a calming effect and reduce or eliminate snoring.

It is important to note that not all people are made the same, so one snoring aid that might be effective for somebody does not mean that it is effective for everybody. How can one know which snoring aids are effective for him or for her? The truth is that it is difficult to tell; probably the only way of being sure it to try different snoring aids and then eliminate those that are not effective for you.

The Best Snoring Aids are Eliminating Alcohol and Cigarettes and Losing Weight

It is also worth noting that alcohol, cigarettes (and other nicotine items) and tranquillizers can accentuate the snoring problem as they loosen the throat muscles, which leads to increased snoring. Therefore heavy snorers should consider eliminating or at least reducing the above substances. Fat people are also prone to be heavy snorers, since fat presses on the throat which can cause snoring. So if you are fat and have a snoring problem, no snoring aids will be effective as losing some weight.