Snoring Remedies

The problem of snoring is very common and effecting a large percentage of the population, thus it is no wonder why snoring remedies are fairly sought after items. 30% of people over age 30 snore, rising to 40% by mid life. Men are more likely to snore than women and the ratio of men to women who snore is approximately 2 to 1. For this reason many are those who continuously look for the best snoring remedies.

Whilst looking for the prefect snoring remedies, one must not forget that many times the cheapest and most simple devices and solutions in life are the most successful. In fact, a highly recommended snoring remedy is lying on either of your side and not on your back. This helps avoid you tongue going back to the throat and constricting it in the process, thereby reducing all those vibrations that are generally produced during sleep. Doing so will prevent or at least reduce snoring. How can you ensure that you always sleep on your side? A simple way of doing so is tying a small ball, such as a tennis ball, to your back.

Snoring Remedies

Snoring Pillows – Effective Snoring Remedies

The snoring pillow is a fairly popular snoring remedy. One must note however that there are two different types of snoring pillows. The first type helps you to sleep on your back so as to keep the air passageways open and reduce the snoring in the process. The second type helps you to sleep on your side or perhaps on your belly. The intention here is to keep the tongue from rolling back, a condition known to cause snoring. A highly popular snoring pillow is SnoreEzz.

Anti-snoring throat sprays can also be effective snoring remedies. Several anti-snoring throat sprays are also found on the marketplace. Snoring can be caused as a result of dryness in the throat and nostrils. These sprays lubricate the throat and air canals so as to reduce the dryness and hopefully also the snoring sound.

Another fairly popular snoring remedy is the snoring mouthpiece. This device is usually molded to fit your bite perfectly. The mouthpiece is usually found from the dentist who will fabricate the device according to your requirements. In view of this, the price is of this appliance can be a bit expensive. Cheaper mouthpieces can be bought online, however these come in standard sizes and thus they might not fit your mouth perfectly. The purpose of the mouthpiece is to keep the position of your jaw in the forward position thus reducing snoring as a result.

Snoring Remedies Many People Never Heard Of

Other snoring remedies that many people never heard of are the nasal dilator, the snoring ring and the snore stopper watch. The creators of the snoring ring ring claim that it uses the power of acupressure to increase the flow of energy and help reduce snoring. The ring is worn over the little finger and applies pressure on a certain point in the finger. The nasal dilator is a simple plastic object that is inserted into the nose. The purpose of the dilator is to keep the nostrils open so as to help in the flow of air and reduce snoring as a result. The snore stopper watch is worn like a normal watch; however it electric pulses whenever it detects that the person is snoring. One still has to see whether or not the above devices are really effective against snoring.


One Of The Most Effective Snoring Remedies

Out of the many different snoring remedies available on the market, snoring chin straps are proving to be one of the most effective solutions to stop snoring. A snoring chin strap is a device that keeps a person’s mouth closed in order to reduce snoring. Many snorers, some 85% of snorers, snore because they breathe through their mouths rather than through their noses. These devices reduce snoring by keeping the mouth closed when a person sleeps. Putting on a strap might not look so attractive, but I am sure that your fiancé won’t care about this if the chin strap is really the solution to your snoring problem. Many of those who tried such straps never went back. A snoring chin can really reduce your snoring and will also improve your overall quality of sleep if you were constantly waking up before. Snoring chin straps can prove to be great snoring remedies and if you are looking for such devices, I would suggest that you take a look at