Snoring Guard

Both men and women suffer snoring problems during their sleep. However, it is known that men are found to be more susceptible to this problem than women. Snoring will not only it will cause adverse effect to your health, it also create problems for those sleeping around you. Above all, disturbed sleep due to snoring can lead to various diseases and issues. To avoid this, nowadays lot of products are coming onto the market.

One of the most common snoring problems is that air gets blocked in the mouth. The blocked air then causes some parts of the respiratory system to vibrate which gives off the distinctive sounds that we associate with a person snoring. Most stop snoring products are designed to keep the airways free so that air can pass through without getting blocked and vibrating against any obstructions. The vibration causes the loud noise that you are so keen to stop. One of the most common solutions in this case is using a snoring guard.

snoring guard

A snoring guard works like a piece of mouth guard and being FDA approved, it is generally considered as one of the best snoring aids available. A snoring guard is worn before going to sleep and it works by opening up the air passages in your throat by keeping your jaw from going backwards and allowing the upper and lower jaw to be aligned when the person is sleeping. Therefore a snoring guard keeps your air passages open as possible. A snoring guard takes a few nights to get used, however it is not uncomfortable to wear, and once you get used to it, you won’t even notice it’s in there.

A similar product to the snoring guard is the snoring chin strap. A snoring chin straps works on the same principle as the snoring guard by keeping the mouth closed ensuring that air is taken through the nose. Snoring chin straps are also very effective and in fact some people find them to be more effective than snoring guards.