Snoring Cure

Snoring effects many people, however finding a snoring cure is never easy as not everyone suffers from the same condition that causes snoring. Some conditions are mild and can usually be overcome be changing habits. Other conditions are much more serious and might even require an operation. For this reason the snoring cure required depends on to the individual and on his or her snoring condition.

snoring cure

Determine The Conditions Of You Snoring If You Want To Find A Snoring Cure

Before you should try to find a snoring cure for your snoring problem you should first determine the conditions in which you snore. For this you will probably need your partner’s help who should observe your snoring and take a few notes every time you snore.

The first thing is to determine if you snore with your mouth closed or with your mouth open. If you snore with your mouth open, then your snoring problem is probably related to the tissues in your throat. On the other hand, if you snore with your mouth closed, then a problem with your tongue is probably causing the snoring.

If you only snore on your back then the first thing you should do is change habits by learning to sleep on your side. This might be easier said than done but a simple remedy such as sewing a tennis ball to your back might be enough to ensure that you always sleep on your side. If you snore in all positions, then your snoring condition which might require a more comprehensive treatment.

Try To Find A Snoring Cure By Yourself

However before going to your doctor you should first try to find a snoring cure by yourself. Apart from sleeping on your side, elevating your head from the bed might help. Cleaning you nasal passages might also help as a blocked nose can mean that you are forced to sleep with you mouth open which can cause you to snore. Many people do not know that their snoring can be a result of their bad lifestyle.

Smoking can cause respiratory problems which can lead to snoring problems. Another cause of snoring is alcohol consumption. Alcohol relaxed the muscles at the back of your throat, with the result that they begin to collapse and vibrate during sleep thus leading to snoring. Similarly medications can also cause snoring, so unless you suffer from some condition which requires you to take some kind of medication, limiting your use of medications as much as possible can be a snoring cure in itself.

Snoring chin straps and snoring pillows can be effective snoring cure devices, especially if you have a mild snoring problem. More severe snoring problems usually require more severe solutions, such as a surgical operation. A particularly popular snoring chin strap can be found at while a fairly popular snoring pillow can be obtained at


The First Snoring Cure You Should Try Is To Lose Weight

Another major cause of snoring is obesity. An obese person usually has large deposits of fat in the neck area and the airway passages. When an obese person sleeps it is more difficult for the air to pass through the respiratory canals due to the fat and flabby tissues in the canals. As the air forces its way out of the obstructions, the fat and flabby tissues in the neck and mouth vibrate thus causing the snoring sound. This problem is amplified if the obese person sleeps on his/her back. Therefore if you are fat or obese and have a snoring problem, the first snoring cure you should try is to lose weight.