Snoring Chin Strap

What is snoring and where does the snoring chin strap come into the equation? Snoring can be a problem on various fronts. First of all snoring can be a cause of a more serious physical condition known as sleep apnea. Secondly snoring can cause undue stress to the sufferer and to those who have to live with him/her.


What Is A Snoring Chin Strap?

A snoring chin strap, alternatively known as a jaw supporter, wraps around the back of your head and across your jaw. Its purpose is to hold your jaw in place during sleep and in doing so the sufferer would be unable to open his/her mouth wile sleeping. It has been proven that one of the causes of snoring is sleeping with an open mouth. Open mouth sleeping leads to extra pressure on the throat which leads to the vibrations that cause the snoring sound. By keeping the mouth shut as one sleeps, snoring is greatly reduced, or perhaps even eliminated completely.

When the snoring chin strap came out in the market, many were those who saw it as another snoring product gimmick that does not do anything to help with the snoring condition. However it turned out to be a very effective device for many people. In fact it is no doubt that many hospitals and clinics make use of this device.

There are several brands of snoring chin straps on the market. While all straps are effective to some extent, not all brands use the same construction and materials. In view of this, it is not surprising to find that the price of snoring chin straps can vary a great deal. While one might be tempted to go for those straps that sell for a few dollars, one must not forget that such straps are probably made of cheap materials. As the saying goes,”you get what you pay for”. If you are looking for a high quality snoring chin strap, then you should take a look at

snoring chin strap


Does The Snoring Chin Strap Cure Snoring?

It is important to note that the snoring chin strap does not cure snoring in itself. Many people are accustomed to breathe through their mouths, both during the day and also while sleeping. In view of this, when one removes the jaw supporter, she/she is most likely to turn back to the bad old habit of sleeping with an open mouth and in doing so the sufferer is most likely to start snoring again.


It is important to note that if your nose is blocked due to a cold or otherwise, it can be difficult to use a snoring chin strap. Therefore it is a good practice to clean your nose well before wearing the anti snoring mouthpiece. In case of colds it is recommended to use a nose spray before going to sleep to help your clear your nostrils.


Why Does The Snoring Chin Strap Have A Bad Reputation?

Unfortunately the snoring strap still has a bad reputation with many people. The biggest criticism is that it looks funny and some people even compare it to a dog’s muzzle. While it is true that the strap is not something that you usually see on the cat walks, who cares if it is funny looking as far as it can you reduce or quit snoring? Other people find it a bit uncomfortable and stop using it after a day or true. The truth it that it might take a few days to get used to, but in my opinion, one has to use it for a couple of weeks before deciding whether it works for him/her or not. After all, a snoring chin strap costs just a fraction of the CPAP mask, an expensive device which is also criticized by many people.