Does A Snoring Cure Really Exist?

by anonymous user on July 27, 2010

Snoring can cause several difficulties to the sufferer due to the lack of much needed sleep. There are many different stop snoring aids that one can try though not all aids are effective in the same way. Some aids might be effective to some people but not to others. Many are those who do not know what determines the snoring condition. When you sleep your mouth falls open, your jaw becomes unsupported and it pushes down on the throat. As a result the throat narrows up. When the throat is narrowed you will experience faster air speeds and a lot of vibrations.

Numerous snoring aids consist of objects that aim to keep your nasal passages open. Snoring aids like the the ones mentioned above do little to cure the snoring problem. In fact they are effective only while being worn over the mouth or nose. A CPAP is an costly but efficient way to stop snoring. This device is worn over the face and it exerts air pressure on the throat area to keep it from collapsing. Some people find CPAP masks not too comfortable to wear, so it is always recommended to try one (if possible) before you buy one. Unfortunately it might be a bit difficult to borrow or lease one.

One of the stop snoring aids which is most in demand is the nose strip. The strap works by opening your nose canal thus allowing the sufferer to close his/her mouth during sleep.

Another highly popular snoring aid is the mouth guard. Mouth guards are designed in such a way so as to keep the jaw in a particular positing and in doing so it helps in overcoming the snoring condition. Some mouth guards are available in different sizes and it is up to the snorer to find the size which is best for him/her. A mouth guard can also be formed according to specifications. These requirements vary according to the mouth size but in getting a custom built mouth guard one would ensure that they are of perfect fit.

Another high selling device is the snoring chin strap, a device which is sometimes known by the name of jaw supporter. Snoring chin straps are designed to keep your mouth closed during steep, thus easing or eliminating snoring completely in the process.

The anti snoring pillow is another snoring aid that is available in many stores. These pillows are manufactured in such a way so as to help achieve a correct sleeping position.

Sleeping on your side can be an easy way to reduce, if not eliminate, your snoring. The aim of many anti snoring pillows is to keep the sufferer sleeping on the side and to avoid sleeping on the back.

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