Snoring Solution

If you are a heavy snorer, then you should be very interested in finding a snoring solution. In actual fact, more than a third of the world’s population snore to some extent, some have minor snoring problems while others have major snoring problems. The reason for snoring is quite simple-your airways are blocked up, whether it is by your tongue, jaw, your neck muscles relaxing and therefore narrowing the passageway, etc. Any of these can cause that annoying vibration sound we call snoring and need to be stopped.

snoring solution

There are many stop snoring solutions on the market today. Some work well for some people, while others don’t. Some solutions actually do not work for anyone at all.


Surgery is the Best Snoring Solution

A sure way of eliminating snoring is reverting to surgery, however this should only be considered as a last resort. Before looking to surgery one must look at alternative snoring solutions like an anti snoring chin strap and throat exercises for snoring.

Jaw chin straps are proving to be very effective snoring solutions. When your jaw is closed, the airways in your throat open up. The more space for air to travel, the less likely snoring will occur. You can get a simple headband that wraps around the jaw and top of the head that will hold the jaw up. This will prevent snoring all night long. A jaw chin strap is very popular at the moment can be found at

Another way of stopping snoring is sleeping on the side. The only problem is the following: how can one ensure that he/she always sleeps on the side? Tying an object on your back such as a small ball (tennis ball, golf ball, etc.) can help you ensure that you always sleep on your side.

Another way of stopping snoring is using a nasal strip. Nasal strips widen the opening while you sleep and can reduce your snoring. Unfortunately a nasal strap is not effective as a chin strap and some people say that using nasal straps does not help in reducing their snoring problem.


Another Snoring Solution is Using De-Congestion Sprays

Another snoring solution is using de-congestion sprays prior to sleep. De-congestion sprays keep the nasal passage clear of mucus and any other fluids that may cause a blockage. These sprays might work for some people however they will probably not work if you are a heavy snorer.

Another snoring solution that has worked for some people is drinking herbal tea before bedtime. Herbal teas give a soothing effect and relief from inflammations caused by allergies from pollens and dust. Herbal teas are also believed to have a calming and relaxing effect if drank before sleep. However many of those who tried this solution say that it did not work out for them.


Abstaining from Alcohol, Smoking and Sleeping Pills is Another Snoring Solution

Another stop snoring solution is abstaining from alcohol, smoking and sleeping pills. Alcohol and sleeping pills can depress your central nervous system and loosen up the muscles of your jaw and throat, making snoring more likely. Smoking and alcohol can increase the production of mucus, which can add to the restriction of the airways. So quitting smoking and alcohol is a sure solution to stop or at least reduce your snoring.

Milk and yogurt products are also known to cause snoring so you should try to avoid these before you go to sleep. Having a little bit of honey before going to bed is know to have positive anti snoring effects on some people.

Last but not least, if you are overweight and have a snoring problem, then the fat surrounding your throat may be is the one causing your snoring. Losing weight is a snoring solution in itself and at the same time it can solve much more than your snoring problem!