Bed Wedge Pillow – Choosing The Right One

by anonymous user on November 11, 2010

A bed wedge pillow could be just the thing to help you sleep sounder, or be more comfortable as you sit and read in bed. They can also, in some cases, serve as large floor pillows or decorative throw pillows, but that would depend on the style and kind of wedge pillow you pick. There are a few different brand names and styles to select from, but with all the choices on the market, it should not be hard to choose something to match your needs and your budget.

You can buy a foam wedge pillow for anywhere between $20 – $30. You could also get a memory foam wedge pillow for as little as $38; memory foam is made so that it shapes itself according to the contours of your body and some people find that memory foam pillows and mattresses help them to sleep more comfortably. There are also memory foam leg wedges; however, these are a bit expensive at almost $90. When it comes to selecting the right bed wedge pillow or pillows, it is important to get something that is comfortable for you. Everyone is different and what one person finds to be relaxing may not be fitting for another person. If you have back problems then ask your doctor what kind of pillow he or she would recommend.

When it comes to selecting bedding, naturally aesthetics take first priority. Different than wedge pillows, the bedding is something that should look nice and should match the room’s decor. You don’t really need to select higher end brand names such as Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger to get good looking, good quality bedding. It is quite possible to get cheap bedding that looks good and will be good quality.

If what you need is California King bedding, it is quite possible to get a seven or eight piece set for under $100. is a good place to look for this. They have many different sets that cost in the range of $80 – $100; these sets are patterned but not overly ornate. If you want something very classy, then Veratex’s black and white Mia set is quite stunning but it is more expensive at $215.

It goes without saying that if you are getting a set for a single bed or queen size bed, then you can find something a lot more affordable than the mentioned options. In fact, Sears is presently selling an elegant queen size seven piece set for only $20. Another less expensive option is choosing one of Walter Drake’s bedding sets.

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