Insomnia Treatment Options

by anonymous user on November 9, 2010

It is a symptom characterized by persistent difficulty in falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep. The 2007 statistics of the US Department of Health and Human Services reveal that Americans who suffer insomnia each year is approximated at 64 million. Moreover, men are less likely to suffer insomnia compared to women.

What is the ideal insomnia relief method? In order treat insomnia properly, one should understand that this is a symptom, not a disease. The most common causes of insomnia include medications, psychological conditions, environmental changes and stressful events. It may also arise due to faulty sleeping habits, excessive caffeine consumption and daytime naps.

One non-drug insomnia treatment employed by physicians in managing insomnia is by evaluating a person’s sleeping habits. In some instances, a simple change in sleeping habits may correct the problem without the need for medications. Regular sleep times, use of appropriate lighting, comfortable bed, bedroom, and room temperature and relaxation techniques are a few of the good sleep habits recommended to solve this symptom.

Another insomnia relief method advised by experts includes over-the-counter sleep aids. Care should be applied, however, when self-treating insomnia using OTC drugs for it may lead to drug dependence when overused. If you have chronic insomnia, have yourself evaluated by a physician before taking any sleeping pill.

There are also natural alternatives that a person can take for insomnia relief. Some are available in he form of a pill or tablet, which consists of a combination of herbs. Another popular sleep treatment include taking herbal teas. Teas create a relaxing effect when you sip a cup of it. Drink one cup before bedtime as part of your bedtime ritual. Instead of tea, others drink a warm glass of milk to get them to sleep. Milk releases a chemical called tryptophan once it is heated, which creates a relaxing effect to the body and causes you to drift to sleep.

Another approach to the treatment of insomnia is creating routines regarding your sleep. Quality sleep is critical to staying in sync with the body’s biological clock. This is because the body works with biological rhythms. It works effectively when it follows a consistent routine. To make sure that you get a restful sleep every night, create a routine that will lure you to sleep. Consistent practice will eventually program your body to respond by sleeping. Here are some routines that you might want to consider:

  • Eat early. Your dinner should occur before 7 pm.
  • Maintain a diary/journal. Empty your mind before going to bed by writing on your journal for it is said that by removing the burden from your mind, you can get a peaceful sleep.
  • Apply meditation techniques to relax your body.

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