Vital Information and Strategies for Bulimia Therapy

by Guest User on March 20, 2012

It is recognized that bulimia can sometimes result in death if it is not treated and allowed to continue. Bulimia is well recognized, and it is known by eating binges and causing oneself to purge. In addition to throwing up, you can find some people who use laxatives in abnormal amounts. It is typical for people with this affliction to perceive themselves as being overweight, and generally that is untrue. The notion is tied to food and weight, and it is this viewpoint that is grossly out of touch with truth. A common time frame for bulimia to appear is shortly after puberty happens, perhaps a couple of years following this change. You’ll find other issues connected and possibly contributing to this condition including pressures, depression, low self esteem as well as others.

Harmful associated conditions including being malnourished and severely dehydrated also can occur. There are actually several high profile fatalities due to the side effects of bulimia. For example, the hugely successful singer from the 70s, Karen Carpenter, fought bulimia for some time. Then she lost her battle and succumbed to it for causes related to heart damage from bulimia. What’s of primary concern is to do something about this without delay because it is feasible to successfully address it and overcome it.

If this issue is allowed to go on, then that could create critical insufficiencies of many vital minerals besides other biochemical elements. Also, significant constipation can result from excessive use of laxatives. If there’s heavy and continuous vomiting, then excessive contact with stomach acid can lead to difficulties in the throat and mouth areas. Furthermore, that acid will cause early tooth decay and perhaps serious complications involving the gums. Certainly life threatening problems involve heart and kidney damage. Our systems need a particular amount of electrolytes for well being, and which is what can be lost due to dehydration. That state can often cause heart failure. The rough fatality rate because of bulimia is ten percent.

Successful therapy of this disorder consists of the patient and family, family physicians, and professional psychiatric or psychological guidance and treatment. At the same time, it can be helpful to call for a licensed dietician so the appropriate diet can be provided to help rebuild the body. The patient will indulge the services of professional therapy to correct the detrimental behaviors involving eating excessively and elimination. Also, the patient will purposely be made aware of the possible dangers to life and health. Certainly there will be treatment developed to recognize the issues that can cause the patient to take part in bulimic behavior. A high percentage of bulimics will have to learn the way to express themselves and what’s on their minds with others, and that will help in the recovery process.

Bulimia is often addressed, but there must be quick intervention. Another critical area is having strong support from the immediate family group. Other very beneficial strategies for gaining support from others includes group therapy. The overall key to victory with bulimia is when the person struggling with it can declare that he or she has this condition. The patient has to comprehend there exists an extremely destructive perspective related to food and something must be done.

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