Exercises To Stop Snoring

Snoring is not only annoying for you and for those who live under the same roof. It can also be dangerous.

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Does the person or persons you live with comment on how loud you snore? Do you wake yourself up because you are snoring too loud? You might be in need of a change. Many people say that nothing can be done to stop snoring, but in actual fact this is not the case. There are numerous things out there that have been said to be useful in aiding a person to stop snoring. One of the things can be done are certainĀ exercises to stop snoring. According to some researchers these exercises can really help a snorer to cure or at least alleviate his problem. But what are these exercises?

When you snore, the muscles and the tissues at the back of the throat relax and start to vibrate. When the vibrations occur, the airways in the mouth and throat are usually restricted. Stop snoring exercises usually work to strengthen the throat muscles and tissues so that the airways open up without restricting the airway.

The first exercise to stop snoring is a work out with the mouth. First close your mouth by bringing the molars together. Then open your mouth by separating the molars as much as possible. Repeat several times. Doing this exercise for a few minutes each night works out several muscles and tissues in your mouth and throat, which might help keep the airway open and decrease the snoring.

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The second exercise is a tongue workout. First stretch out the tongue as far as you can take it, without overdoing it. Then start touching different sides of your mouth with your mouth. First move your tongue upwards, then downwards, then move your mouth leftwards, then rightwards. Repeating this procedure several times before going to sleep should strengthen the tongue and reduce the vibrations caused by the tongue.

Don’t think that two exercises only will do the trick. We have more for you. Another simple but effective exercise that works out the tongue is the following. First you push a spoon against your tongue. You then resist it. Vary the degree of resistance by even allowing your tongue to win over the spoon. Continue doing this exercise for a minute or so.

Another exercise to stop snoring is called the pucker up exercise. Think of someone you want to kiss. Now pucker up those lips and hold it like that for a few minutes. You might think this is a strange and ineffective exercise, but it has been shown that such an exercise can help to open the airways during sleep. A similar exercise that also helps keeping the airways open is smiling broadly and holding it for a few minutes. Another exercise is to purse you lips as if you are going to take a sip from a straw and holding the pose for a few minutes. A further similar exercise is holding a pencil in your teeth and keeping the hold for a few minutes.

So, if you are tired of being slapped by your partner or house mates or if you are afraid of sleeping in a room with people that you don’t know, you should try the above exercises to stop snoring. These exercises might just be what you need to save the night from going into a complete disaster and as you can see they are simple to carry out. Try them today and see by yourself if they can help ease your snoring problem.