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How to Stop Snoring at Night and Save Your Relationship

by anonymous user on February 2, 2011

The first thing to understand here is that I’m not talking about the occasional snoring that we all have from time to time, especially after a good night out! No, I’m talking here about snoring every night in bed. And not only that, snoring that is loud enough that your wife, husband or partner just cannot sleep.

Let’s make one thing very clear: snoring at night isn’t a joke! It’s an extremely serious problem for health (physical and mental) and relationships. Many relationships just don’t survive the constant sleepless nights. So, if you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to take action, and fast.

As a start, let’s consider first what actually causes snoring at night…

And here’s the first thing to realise, and that is that snoring can only occur when you are asleep. You don’t snore when you’re awake. Now I know this may seem obvious, but I bring it up because it really illustrates the actual cause of snoring. When you are asleep, the muscles and soft tissue in your air passages tend to relax. So that when you are in the prone sleeping position – especially on your back – the tissue falls into your airways, restricting them. How do these restricted airways give rise to snoring? Well, the air that flows through them as you breathe in and out, has to flow much faster because of the restricted space. This sets up turbulent airflow which causes the tissues in the airways to vibrate, causing the snoring sounds.

Okay, now you understand the cause of snoring, let’s look at how to stop snoring at night…

Everything you do to try to stop your snoring has to be done in advance of you sleeping, since you have no control over anything whilst you sleep. The first, and most important, is to consult your doctor who will examine you and discuss a potential snoring solution. The thing here is to find out all you can from him or her about the upsides and downsides of the various snoring treatment options, so that together, you can make the best decision.

Secondly, as you doctor will advise, you may have to make several lifestyle changes or adjustments. These are things like avoiding alcohol, cutting out cigarettes, avoiding sedatives or tranquilizers, losing weight, no big meals close to bedtime, change your sleeping position, and set a strict sleeping schedule, etc.

The next thing is to look at the various stop snoring devices there are. These are aids such as snore pillows, snoring mouthpieces, snore guards, nasal strips, and CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), etc. Home remedies for snoring are also well worth considering. These include herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and acupressure, etc. Finally, you have the option of surgery to stop snoring at night. This would only ever be used where the case is very severe and where all other treatment options had proved ineffective.

If you follow these five tips, then I’m sure success will follow and you’ll be able to stop snoring at night so that you and your partner can get a good night’s sleep at last.

Stop Snoring Remedies

by anonymous user on June 13, 2010

Regardless how much of a burden snoring might be on your living as well as on your sleep, it is essential one thinks about the all-natural stop snoring remedies there are to pick from prior to a deciding for surgery. There is no need to get surgery because there are alternative snoring cures that you can look into. In this article you will find a few all-natural stop snoring treatments.

Maybe you have to change your way of life a lttle bit so that you can stop snoring. If you find yourself drinking alcohol or sedatives just before bed, it is crucial that you stop as soon as possible. Both drinking and also sleeping pills work to relax the muscles and in this way they suppress a person’s breathing drive.

Another stop snoring remedy is the nasal strip. Nasal strips are generally highly beneficial at providing brief relief from congestion and any mucous which has built up in the nostrils. By using these types of strips, your nostrils will open thus helping you to breathe much better.

Another natural remedy to stop snoring is inhaling and exhaling steam right before going to bed. Breathing steam may help with the break up of congestion and mucus that may have accumulated. When you’re have a trouble with mucous and congestion, you must give some thought to purchasing a humidifier and sleeping near to one.

In case you are looking for stop snoring all-natural treatments, you’ll find numerous stop snoring remedies that are natural. These remedies will help you in minimizing a problem without having to revert to surgery or medicinal drugs.

Treatments For Snoring

by admin on April 6, 2010

If you sound like a bear growling a cave when your asleep, then you will no that snoring has a big impact on life. Regardless of the health issues (which are significant), snoring can play havoc with your relationship.

If you are at you wits end with being woken up every hour either to the sound of your own snoring, or being dug in the back and told to “Roll Over”; or if you are the long suffering sufferer of a snorer, then read over these five tips to snoring treatment.

  1. Take a look at your diet. Although this probably won’t be the complete snoring treatment answer, it is worth starting with what you’re eating and drinking. You could well have intolerance to certain foods which affects your breathing, especially when lying on you back. For example, too much (or an intolerance to) dairy produce is likely to cause you to become blocked up with mucus, when horizontal, this collects causing heavy breathing and snoring. Alcohol is another common offender.
  2. Being overweight is another significant contributor. Excess weight in the neck and chest puts pressure on the breathing passage.
  3. Sleep on you side or front. Now this is easier said than done, because it’s hard to control your sleeping position when you are asleep! However, there is an old trick that may be worth considering. You could sow a walnut, table tennis ball or similar size object into the back of a shirt and wear that in bed. Each time you roll on your back it will dig into you, causing you to roll back again – providing you don’t take your shirt of in your sleep.
  4. Use nasal strips. I found these to be very helpful, at least to start with. Nasal strips (often used by athletes) open the air passage for you, thus removing or preventing blockages. If your desperate it’s worth a try, but the cost can add up over the days, months and years.
  5. I’ve saved the best until last. Exercising the muscles in your throat, tongue and doing breathing exercises can completely cure your snoring.

Anti Snoring Products

by admin on January 19, 2010

You are not alone if you are frequently awakened by midnight grunts. So many fall victim to snores, regardless if they are the snorer or the bed partner.

Snoring is the condition simply associated with noise created during sleep. There are various conditions that may be considered as its cause but the bottom line is- it is all due to any blockages directly affecting the throat, mouth and nose.

Snoring may be due to the following conditions:

Excess mass in the throat

This may be caused by extra long soft palate or uvula and excess tissues due to bulky necks. Because the throat is limited in space, it is often not ideal if there would be extra muscles that would be dangling in it. Overweight people often snore since their necks are a bit stuffier than ordinary-built people. Some children, on the other hand, snore when they have inflamed adenoids or large tonsils.

Poor muscle tone of the throat and the tongue

Muscles during sleep are less tense thus those muscles found in the air passages are likely to be encouraged to collapse or collide with each other. This collision will then cause vibrations that we call snores. Because of poor muscle tone, the tongue is allowed to fall back to the throat. This then is known to cause blockages since the tongue can possibly obstruct the passage of air. Poor muscle tone may also be induced through taking alcohol or any substance that causes relaxation before sleep.

To find a snoring remedy, one either has to find relief from these causes or permanently erase the main source of the condition. There are various methods of treating the causes of snoring through using anti snoring products. From nasal strips to adjustable beds, you are sure to find one that will suit your preferences and convenience.

Be warned though that some products are known to induce no relief for the snorer. However, don’t jump to conclusions that such don’t actually work. Often, it may be because the products are not properly used or they simply don’t fit as remedies for a specific type of snoring.

Nasal strips for example should only be used by those people who, for the most parts, is affected by snores rooting from problems in the nasal passages. These nasal strips then are not suited for snorers whose primary problem comes from the blockages found in the mouth.

While most patients are familiar with stop snoring sprays, not all people report that these actually induce relief. Often, people comment of its credibility. This is especially true for those types who claim of “softening throat tissues”. It is good to remember that snoring is not caused by either soft or hardened tissues but of those that block the air passages.

Another common product for snoring are the stop snoring pillows. These are not your-ordinary-pillows since they are constructed specifically for people who have the need to lie on their sideward sleeping position. Lying flat on the back while sleeping can effectively narrow the passages of air. Add the fact that the jaw is often forced to drop to give room for the tongue, thus adding up to the pile of problems caused by blockages.

Before buying any products to treat snoring, it is best to educate yourself well so you can get the best of the benefits.


Devices To Stop Snoring

by admin on January 19, 2010

Hearing a person who snores can be amusing, it can even be funny. But if you are living with someone who snores, a relative or a family member perhaps, then the sound might become very disturbing. If you cannot get a good night sleep and always wake up several times in the middle of the night by a sound that can be as loud as a lawnmower or a jet engine in action, then you should be thinking of some devices to stop snoring as a solution to the problem.
Here are popular anti snoring devices you can buy for your family member and stop him from disturbing your sleep:
  • Anti snoring pillow – One of the reasons why people snore is because they have an improper sleeping position. This causes the air passage to stretch and tighten making it more difficult for air to come in and out. To solve this, there are anti snoring pillows that relax your airways and maintain the right sleeping position to prevent a person from snoring throughout the night.
  • Throat spray – One natural remedy to stop snoring is the snoring spray. Formulated with natural ingredients, snoring spray contains essential oils that when sprayed on the throat, provides a lubrication that reduces that amount of vibration, hence effectively reduce snoring. However, it is ironic that when throat spray is used frequently, it can lead to more snoring. Before using throat spray, the doctor’s evaluation on the patient is necessary to avoid any other complication.
  • Nasal dilators – Usually made of stainless steel coil or plastic, nasal dilators help keep the air passage open which cut down the throat’s vibration which leads to snoring. Nasal dilators are used by inserting it into the nostrils.
  • Nasal strips – Like nasal dilators, nasal strips are used to open the airways on the nose and keep the right amount of airflow during sleep. Nasal strips are often made of plastic. This is one of the more popular anti snoring devices since it is cheap, safe, and effective. In fact, nasal strips are used by athletes for better airflow and respiratory efficiency while playing.
  • Sleep Position Monitor – This device emits a beeping noise to alert the snorer when he shifts to a position where snoring usually occur (sleeping on their back). However, if you are a relative of a snorer and would want his snoring to stop, then this device may become a whole new problem. But, the aim of this device is not to replace the snorer from keeping you a wake in the middle of the night. Instead, it is there to create a brand new sleeping habit. Once the snorer starts to sleep on his side, the sleep position monitor can be removed.
  • Snore ball – A snore ball is placed at the back of the snorer (inside his pajama). When he changes his sleeping position from side to back, the snore ball emits discomfort, a.k.a. pain. In other words, it prevents the snorer from sleeping on his back. It might not be the device a person wants to feel in the middle of the night but some really need it in order to change his sleeping position for good. Some people use golf balls, baseballs or tennis balls as snore balls.
All these devices to stop snoring can prevent a person from snoring, however, snoring can be caused by other medical condition that may need medical attention. To be safe, have your relative or family member be checked by a doctor to know exactly what treatment does he need.

Snoring Prevention Tips

by admin on January 10, 2010

Knowing what causes snoring can greatly help you both to find relief if you are already suffering from its effects or to find ways of preventing yourself from becoming a poor victim.

Though not regularly the cause of aggravated problems (except for social embarrassment and potential risks of discontented relationship), it is still best if you are not a sufferer yourself.

Many fall victim in this noisy nighttime dilemma. While some are not aware that they have the condition, many are known to seek ways to get around the troubles that it causes.

Like most other conditions, snoring can be prevented by means of certain snoring remedies. If you are close to becoming a snorer yourself or if you know one who shows initial signs of developing this condition, you can find good use in the advises that we have in this article. Please read on.

Snoring occurs when the collapsible part of the throat meets. Coupled with the passage of air into the throat, these dangling parts are likely to produce vibrations that create the noisy sounds. Why this condition occurs at night is not a mystery.

While it is true that we breathe 24 hours a day, we only snore when our body is totally relaxed. Thus, it is often advised that snorers maintain a tensed sleeping position until the body gets used to this state.

If you do not like the idea, however, you can prevent snoring through practicing a sideward sleeping position to widen the passage through which air may run through. This passage is congested when we sleep on our backs since our heads are forced to fall back. Additionally, our lower jaw is encouraged to open, therefore creating a space wherein the tongue can droop back. When this occurs, the normal air passage will be obstructed by these components.

We all know that when a passage narrows, the pressure that regularly runs through it will increase. This principle occurs in the throat which explains why there are people who snore and there are those who don’t, and why snores come in different intensity and sounds.

Obesity is known to induce snoring. This is due to the fact that heavier people are more likely to have extra (and often unnecessary tissues). The neck of an overweight person is known to have more muscles and adipose tissues that hamper the normal delivery of breathing.

Thus, to prevent the possibility of producing nighttime respiratory vibration, one is advised to refrain from gaining too much weight. Not only would you escape from major health threats such as general unhealthiness of the body or coronary diseases, you can also save yourself from distracting your bed partner’s sleep and your own.

Some people practice mouth breathing. Add to the fact that this is generally not a healthy practice, mouth breathing can also raise one’s susceptibility towards snoring. It may seem awkward to switch back to nasal breathing initially though, but in time you would learn to breathe naturally using your nose while sleeping. In the end, you would be thankful that you took time and learned patience in eliminating this habit.

If you would notice, most advises in preventing snoring concern lifestyle-changing practices. This is because snoring, as a whole, don’t necessarily have to root from biological causes while we may find sufferers who are actually bothered by nasal deformities or extra large adenoids and tonsils.