Snoring Chin Strap

The Snoring Chin Strap and Open Mouth Snoring

by admin on January 23, 2010

Some of the most common solutions to snoring are snoring chin straps, nose strips, mouth pieces and throat sprays. Although these have been effective for some, others are still left keeping their bed partners awake at night.

Often, people tend to breathe with their mouth open while sleeping. Unfortunately this may lead to open mouth snoring, or simply mouth snoring. When you sleep with an open mouth, you put unnecessary pressure on your throat. This constricts normal oxygen flow, and contributes to snoring problems. There are many reasons why people breathe through their mouth. Due to a problem with their nose, this may be a habit they learned to deal with the inability to breathe. It could have been as simple as a constant stuffy nose. Allergies and other problem will lead to sleeping with your mouth open which in turn causes snoring.

One of the most efficient ways of keeping your mouth closed during sleep is using a snoring chin strap that attaches round the chin and to the back of the head. The chin strap holds the jaw in place like the mouth guard.

Snoring Chin Strap

Many people may think the snoring chin strap looks funny and resist the use of this device. However, if it stops you from snoring it may be worth ‘looking funny’ so that you and your partner may get much-needed rest. The good thing about these devices is that the cost is minimal and above all the majority of the people who used one of these straps while sleeping say that it works for them.

Snoring Chin Strap Drawbacks

Unfortunately some people find snoring chin straps uncomfortable and some say they cause anxiety and a panicky feeling. This depends on the quality of the chin strap, as there are some very soft and comfortable types of straps.

Some people refuse to wear a chin strap because they say that it is ugly to look at, while others say that it looks like a muzzle. I cannot contradict such statements, but in my opinion going to sleep is not the same as going to a fashion show. As far as the device is effective, who cares if it looks like a muzzle. I would prefer wearing a chin strap and looking a bit ridiculous, then risking my life whilst getting my partner crazy at the same time.

Man Wearing Snoring Chin Strap

Since the purpose of the strap is to prevent open mouth snoring by keeping your mouth closed during sleep, it is essential that you keep your nose unblocked before and during sleep. Otherwise the snorer would not be able to breathe which means that he/she would be unable to wear the strap at all. Therefore the device might be difficult to use if you have a cold and your nose is blocked.

Woman Wearing Snoring Chin Strap

So Should I Buy A Snoring Chin Strap?

Even though the snoring chin strap might take some getting used to, it can offer a lot of relief from snoring and your partner will surely thank you for that. The problem with snoring is that apart from the fact that snoring can be dangerous to the snorer, snoring is also very annoying for those who live with the snorer. Heavy snorers can have a shorter life span and other health complications because of the harm snoring does by interrupting the sleeping patterns that are vital to keeping a person healthy and alert. If on the other hand you have to sleep next to a chronic snorer, then you are ultimately getting cheated and robbed of years of your life because of the lack of quality sleep at night.

Considering all the above and the relatively cheap price of buying one of these straps, there is no valid reason why you should not try one and see by yourself whether it works for you or not. You can buy one of these comfortable snoring chin straps at

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How Snoring Chin Straps Work

by admin on January 9, 2010

Snoring chin straps were designed to keep the mouth shut so as to help people snore less or perhaps stop snoring completely. Snoring normally occurs when one breathes through the mouth while sleeping. When one sleeps with an open mouth, the tissues in the throat dry up and start to vibrate thus cause the sound we know as snoring. In view of this it is recommended to breath through the nose while in bed. Unfortunately some people find it difficult to breathe through their noses, either because they got accustomed to breath through their mouths or because they have some physical condition like a stuffed nose.

The snoring chin strap comes to the rescue as it “forces” the snorer to keep his/her mouth closed during sleep. The strap is worn from the back of the head all way round the chin. Snoring with a chin strap and a stuffy nose is difficult. So in case of a stuffed nose, it is recommended to use the strap in conjunction of a nasal strip. A nasal strip would help keep the nostrils open so in that way it would be possible to use the chin strap. An alternative to the nasal strip is the nasal spray since it too can help keep the nostrils clear.

It is worth noting that snoring chin straps are not costly devices, unlike CPAP devices which can be very expensive. Some people say that the straps are not very comfortable, but it is usually a question of getting used to them after a few days of continuous usage. Others say that the chin straps look ugly and funny. While it is true that a person can look a bit ridiculous while wearing a chin strap, it is also true that these devices are made to be worn during sleep. So as far as they are capable of doing their job, who cares if they look ugly or funny!

It is worth noting that the chin strap does not actually cure the snoring condition. It is only effective whilst worn on the face but it loses its effect as soon as one takes it off the face. However as one uses a chin strap for several weeks or perhaps months, the habit of sleeping with a closed mouth might become a natural one (i.e. the bad habit of sleeping with an open mouth is eliminated). In that case one would no longer need to use a snoring chin strap during sleep.

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