Sleeping Habits

Bed Wedge Pillow – Choosing The Right One

by anonymous user on November 11, 2010

A bed wedge pillow could be just the thing to help you sleep sounder, or be more comfortable as you sit and read in bed. They can also, in some cases, serve as large floor pillows or decorative throw pillows, but that would depend on the style and kind of wedge pillow you pick. There are a few different brand names and styles to select from, but with all the choices on the market, it should not be hard to choose something to match your needs and your budget.

You can buy a foam wedge pillow for anywhere between $20 – $30. You could also get a memory foam wedge pillow for as little as $38; memory foam is made so that it shapes itself according to the contours of your body and some people find that memory foam pillows and mattresses help them to sleep more comfortably. There are also memory foam leg wedges; however, these are a bit expensive at almost $90. When it comes to selecting the right bed wedge pillow or pillows, it is important to get something that is comfortable for you. Everyone is different and what one person finds to be relaxing may not be fitting for another person. If you have back problems then ask your doctor what kind of pillow he or she would recommend.

When it comes to selecting bedding, naturally aesthetics take first priority. Different than wedge pillows, the bedding is something that should look nice and should match the room’s decor. You don’t really need to select higher end brand names such as Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger to get good looking, good quality bedding. It is quite possible to get cheap bedding that looks good and will be good quality.

If what you need is California King bedding, it is quite possible to get a seven or eight piece set for under $100. is a good place to look for this. They have many different sets that cost in the range of $80 – $100; these sets are patterned but not overly ornate. If you want something very classy, then Veratex’s black and white Mia set is quite stunning but it is more expensive at $215.

It goes without saying that if you are getting a set for a single bed or queen size bed, then you can find something a lot more affordable than the mentioned options. In fact, Sears is presently selling an elegant queen size seven piece set for only $20. Another less expensive option is choosing one of Walter Drake’s bedding sets.

If you have not experienced the warmth and comfort of an electric mattress pad, then you are missing out. Many people are not anxious to jump into their bed when they know the sheets are going to be ice cold. Most especially when it’s cold an blustery outside. But you can solve this problem by simply purchasing a good electric mattress pad.

You can easily find an electric mattress pad queen size, twin size or even king size for every bed in your household. The most amazing thing about these mattress pads is that your bed will be nice and warm by the time you get into your bed. This allows you to get to sleep much faster and you will stay warm all through the night. In addition, many electric mattress pads are adjustable, which allows you to control how warm you would like your mattress to be. By controlling the temperature depending on whether it is a warm or cold night, you can keep your bed at the perfect temperature to keep you comfortable.

One main reason that many men and women haven’t tried a heated mattress pad is because they don’t think it will be very comfortable. They believe this notion that they will get tangled up in a bunch of wires which will make it tough for them to get to sleep. But this is not the case. Because of new technology, electric mattress pads are now designed so that you can’t tell whether you are sleeping on a pad or your own mattress. Really, the only difference you will notice is that your bed is warmer due to the heat that these mattress pads produce.

But not only do these mattress pads keep your bed nice and warm, they can also provide you with some medicinal benefits. If you suffer from muscle cramps, body aches, or arthritis, you can benefit from using a heated pad. These electric pads produce a very intense warmth which can soothe all your muscles and help you sleep better. This is much less expensive than paying for multiple appointments with chiropractors or seeing a massage therapist because your only expense is the cost of the pad.

You should now have a much clearer understanding of why you should own an electric mattress pad. Try one out today and you can start enjoying the benefits of sleeping in a warm comfortable bed.

Easy Tips To Deal With Sleeping Habit At Office

by anonymous user on July 24, 2010

Sleepy on the job? Well, if yes then you are not the only one dealing with the problem. Tiring work schedules and endless pressures end up making you feel lethargic and drowsy. However, as you can not afford to sleep off at the office, it’s far better that you be taught how to challenge the difficulty. Here are a few tips that may aid you with the same.

The plainest method to prevent yourself from feeling sleepy at the office is by including proteins in your every day lunch. Protein is an excellent source of energy and will keep you feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day. However, try to go with the healthy variations of this vital nutrient such as cheeses, meats and nuts. They will provide you with enough amount of protein required by your body while keeping sleepiness at bay.

Avoid the PC glare for long. It is a pre requisite in case you do not mean to sleep off in your workplace. It has been noted that prolonged exposure to the PC screen may make you sleepy. As and when you look at the computer screen you’re at high danger of eye strain and fatigue. It is in your interest to not glance at the PC screen for extended time. Attempt to take your eyes off the computer screen now and then. This will prevent your eyes from any type of strain. The issue could additionally be drastically reduced in case you get an anti glare filter for your computer screen.

An additional convenient procedure that may assist you drive off sleep is water. On the surface level there looks to be no connect between the two. However, it is very effective a procedure nevertheless. Merely increase your intake of water and watch it work wonders for your sleepy condition. It’s a well-known reality that in absence of proper water consumption, the body has a tendency to become dehydrated. This dehydration subsequently is responsible for depreciating the energy level of the body by 15%. To avoid this type of condition merely boost your intake of water. Experts are of the opinion that 1 must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water on every day basis.

Nothing works better than fresh air in case you are trying to keep awake. Leave your work cubicle for a few minutes and take in some fresh air outdoors. The air will recharge your body plus the fresh o2 will also recharge your mind and body. So, just being in an open environment for a little while will help you reclaim your energy and feel rejuvenated.

Get some physical exercise. This is a sure shot way of bidding adieu to sleep at the office. You do not need to have a gymnasium at office to get some physical exercise when you are at work. Merely go ahead and take a walk in the corridor. Your rest room could also offer as a brilliant space to physical exercise. Do a bit of stretching and straightforward exercises and you will not need to juggle with sleep.

So, do not allow sleep to destroy your work. Merely make use of the provided tricks and you’ll not snooze away in the office anymore.

Poor Sleep Increases Hunger

by anonymous user on July 21, 2010

Is there any connection between poor sleep habits and the unacceptably high levels of obesity in our society?

A UCLA study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology suggests a clear connection between poor sleep patterns and hunger. It turns out that sleep-deprivation causes an increase in a hunger stimulating hormone called “ghrelin” and a decrease in another hormone called “leptin“– an important hormone in the regulation of both appetite and metabolism. It is no surprise that nighttime eating is commonplace among the overweight and obese.

It is important to note that these and other hormones are directly connected to the part of the brain that is responsible for subconscious control of eating and metabolism. When these hormones are out of balance, hunger and eating are difficult to control. Self-control is little help in such a situation. Healthy sleep patterns play an important role in controlling appetite and helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.

A recent study discovered that a single night of poor sleep resulted in insulin resistance. As you may already know, insulin resistance can promote diabetes and weight gain. In fact, when the body is resistant to insulin, weight loss is nearly impossible. This and many other studies prove the interconnectedness of the body. You simply cannot ignore the importance of a good night of sleep, especially when weight loss is your goal.

Sleep researchers suggest getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night. For the best rejuvenation, it is recommended that you try to get to sleep before 11 pm. If possible, try not to eat at least 3 hours before bed. This will allow the body to dedicate its resources towards repair and rejuvenation rather than digestion and assimilation.

Exercise And Sleeping Better Revealed

by anonymous user on June 19, 2010

There is a direct corelation of the quality of sleep you get and how active you are during the day. The more active your body is during the day, the more likely you are to relax at night and fall asleep faster.

Your sleeping pattern will become much smoother and more regular the more you exercise on a regular basis. By keeping up your physical activity during the day, you may find it easier to deal with the stress and worries of your life.

Research and studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between how much we exercise and how we feel afterwards. You should try and increase your physical activity during the day. To avoid being full of energy at night, make sure to give your body enough physical stimulation during the day.

Your body requires a certain amount of physical activity in order to keep functioning in a healthy manner. It is also important to note that you should not be exercising three or four hours before you go to bed.

The ideal exercise time is in the late afternoon or early evening. You want to make sure you expend your physical energy long before it is time for your body to rest and ready itself for sleep. You should attempt to exercise at least three or four times a week for a period of 30 minutes or so. You can include walking or something simple. If you prefer, you can include strenuous activities such as running as well.

Increasing your lung capacity and your heart rate is the ultimate goal. By adding a regular exercise activity to your daily schedule will help you to improve your overall health and help you emotionally as well.

Along with running and walking there are several other physical activities that you can add to your daily life to increase your level of physical activity. You’ll find that aerobic exercise is the best to help you battle not sleeping.

Your goal with exercise is to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your blood stream. Overall, there are many types of aerobic exercise for you to choose from. The activities include running, biking, using a treadmill, dancing, and jumping rope. If you suffer from amnesia, you’ll find that there are some non aerobic exercises that may be beneficial to you too.


Yoga is an exercise that has a stimulatory effect on your nervous system, particularly the brain. Yoga utilizes breathing techniques and yoga postures to increase the blood circulation to the brain, promoting regular and restful sleeping patterns. The regular practice of yoga will help you to relax as well as relieve tension and stress.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient art of breathing and movement that was developed by the Chinese monks. The movements involved are slow and precise, which is ideal if you have joint pains or you are unable to participate in high aerobic exercises. Research has shown that Tai Chi can help with insomnia by promoting relaxation.

You should really try and sneak in a few moments of activity even if you discover your schedule doesn’t allow for it. Whenever possible, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator, as little things like that will do wonders for your body.

You should also park your car around the corner and walk that extra block or two to get to your destination. As you may know, there are many small things you can add to increase the activity in your life. Your overall goal here is to have a healthy and well balanced life – with plenty of sleep.