Why Go With LED Lamps Over Its Competitors?

For the past several years LED tech has been pretty expensive and its installation also cost as much. Consequently, people have resorted to utilizing alternative lighting tech such as the T8, CF and Halogen that were supposed to perform like LED but is priced much lower. Nonetheless, T8 which was expected to have a warranty of 2 years started failing six months before reaching the finish of the warranty period. Recently however, the cost of LED technology has really come down, plus a few other choices.

Nikola Tesla is the true father of present day electricity. It was in fact Tesla who designed the Alternating current system that is used across the world for home electrical connections. This system offered a safer electric power supply than the dc power system that was devised by Thomas Edison.

More than its reduction in price, LED lighting light bulbs has a lot of positive aspects that you would really be gaining more if you buy its products than its more economical counterparts. LED light bulbs remain to be the perfect choice whether for the work area, home or for other industrial applications.

Magniwork is an amazing machine developed by two inventors in Australia. They claim that this machine can run with out any other electrical hook ups powered by 3rd party organizations.

More energy efficient

LED light bulbs are more efficient as compared to its counterparts in the market. It not only emits more light but they also utilize less power, making it more efficient. They actually only uses 25% energy and can lasts upto 25x more than the conventional incandescent bulbs people mostly uses these days.

LED utilizes energy to emit light

Majority of lighting sources uses heat to produce light while LED downlight bulbs generate light by using its energy. Hence, LED does not contribute to heat gain in air conditioned space or area because they generate less heat. This means that the air conditioning system can work more effectively without the extra workload.

Among the issues of LED lights, dimmability is one of the latest concerns still yet to be totally solved. Dimming LEDs is technically easy, since analogue dimming, that is the adjustment of electricity, has long been an option.

Directional Lighting Source

Unlike its other counterparts that emits light at a 360 degree pattern, LED lights produces light at a 110 degree pattern. LED bulbs are emitting 100% of its lights towards its intended target, which focuses a minimum of 70% of its lights. Thus, LED provides more lights than conventional light sources.

The Earth4Energy kit is a well-designed, self-help kit intended to give you photovoltaic solar panels at a fraction of their retail cost, saving you thousands upon thousands of dollars

Long life

LED lights still give off light even when it's nearing its end-of-life which is approximately 50,000 hours or 70% of its anticipated 71,500 hour-life. This actually proves that LED fixtures has a very long life as compared to its counterparts like the T8 which is considered at its end of life at 14,400 hrs which is equivalent to 60% of its light output. Furthermore, other lighting sources have absolutely nothing left when they are already at their end-of-life. Which means they don't emit anything at all any longer. LED light bulbs however still emit lights even if it's already nearing its anticipated end-of-life.

Color-friendly and eye health-friendly

Traditional lighting sources give off UV or non-visible light spectrum. This attribute causes fading of colours in signage and fabrics. It also causes eye fatigue and eye strain. LED lights on the other hand do not generate such type of light, that's why it is suitable in classrooms, work areas and in other locations that require much use of the eyes.

Many home owners do not think about putting a lot into bathroom lighting. When it comes to the living room or kitchen, though, it seems many people can never invest enough.

Mercury-free bulbs

One of the most significant distinctions of LED lighting light bulbs from other lighting sources is the absence of mercury in its fixtures. We all know that mercury waste is poisonous and having to dispose mercury-containing bulbs is adding toxicity to our environment. LED fittings are ecologically friendly.

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