The Finest LED T8 Tube For Your Demands

People have been using linear fluorescent lights (LFLs) for a long time for lighting commercial buildings as well as for dwelling units. For years, this type of lighting has proven to provide high quality light yield and has reasonable life span in addition to being energy efficient. This particularly holds true for the best LED T8 tubes which only utilize about 60% of the energy that the now phased out T12 lamps used to burn off.

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In the passing of years nevertheless, people have continued to experiment and discover newer technologies that can provide more cost-efficient light. Recently, the LED tube was introduced in the market for tube lights and has then started dominating it.

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So what qualities does the LED tube have that can get fluorescent lights users to finally make the switch products? LED manufacturers had no difficulty winning over incandescent bulbs users since incandescent lighting consumes a lot of energy and emits a rather warm light when compared with the cool lights of the LED.

However, when it comes to LFLs or fluorescent lights which are also energy-saving and have a decent life expectancy, consumers might understandable need a bit more to sway there. For starters, what advantages could the LED T8 tube offer when compared to conventional fluorescent lamps?

For one, the LED T8 tube light guarantees a lot more improved efficiency than the much known LFLs. According to actual comparative survey done on both T8s for LED and LFLs, LED emerged as 30% more efficient than LFLs. Another major edge of the LED is that they have no mercury content as compared to fluorescents. As you know, mercury is a toxic material that is hazardous to our ecosystem as well as to the physical health of individuals exposed to it. Led is also suitable for directional lighting, in contrast to fluorescents.

As householders we all want to cut down our expenses and there is an option to cut down lighting payments, by using low energy lights. The advances in technology made the range of availabilities changed in the past years from the long ugly CFL to the pleasing LED lamps.

Hence, you are not only able to save energy when using LED, you also experience maximum usage of the light it is able to emit. Fluorescent lights emit multi-directional light, consequently some lights are lost on other unnecessary places such as in the fixtures and ceilings. One more advantage of LED is that it is able to being dimmed without losing its lighting attributes. While fluorescents can be dimmed, you need expensive accessories to be able to accomplish such feature and the light it emits is so poor that it would be better to just switch off the light altogether.

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One significant characteristics of LED T8 tube that makes them the better choice for commercial as well as residential operation is the fact that they work better with controls as compared to what fluorescents do. Fluorescent's life expectancy actually shortens when they are put together with sensors and other occupancy controls. LEDs on the other hand can work seamlessly with any control systems since their life span is not impacted by switching them on or off. LEDs produced quality light that is comparable to fluorescents.

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Nevertheless LEDs do not flicker unlike in some cases of fluorescent lamp. At present, T8 LED has the capacity to emit light up to 50,000 hours. The average LFL however has got an approximate life expectancy of 30,000 hours, which is definitely lagging behind LEDs capacity. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to mention that LFL already has the linear fluorescent light in the market. It has an estimated 84,000 hours life expectancy. Considering such, it won't be long before LED T8 tube is able to introduce a more or less the same product in the market.

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