LED Lights Will Lower Power Consumption And Maintenance Costs

LED high performance lighting bulbs provides benefits including a higher energy efficiency than Compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lights, lower electricity consumption, lower upkeep costs and longer life time, durability and brighter light output than ordinary fluorescent lighting. LED lighting is slowly occupying the residential and business lighting market place with such revolutionary products as LED T5 as well as LED T8 Tubes, flexible strip lighting, and also LED down Light bulbs.

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Even though fluorescent tube lighting is more energy efficient than incandescent lighting, it is still an energy wasting item when compared with LED lighting. Changing over to LEDs could cut your electricity bill in half, while still retaining all of the brightness, and no fluorescent flickers! Even with the most sophisticated state of the art CFLs, fluorescent lighting accounts for a high percentage in existing lighting across the globe, switching from fluorescent lighting into LED lighting can significantly reduce the global lighting power consumption.

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LED lighting is more power efficient than fluorescent lighting owing to the high efficacy of LEDs. LEDs for indoor lighting have already broken the efficiency record of 100 lumen per watt, while fluorescent lighting only has an efficacy of around 60 lumen per watt. LED has a power factor of 0.9, indicating most of the power is converted into light, but when fluorescent lighting runs, a huge amount of energy is converted into heat which will be dispersed ultimately. LED lighting utilizes only 30% electricity as fluorescent lighting to deliver the same lumen output.

Flexible LED lighting has a much longer lifespan than fluorescent lighting since LED lighting is solid state lighting which more durable and reliable. LEDs can last over 50,000 hors which indicates 17 years under ordinary use. While fluorescent lighting only has a life time of around 5,000 hours, which means you need to replace them as often. Using LED lighting may greatly save your expenses which are used to purchase new bulbs and pay for the labor.

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Moreover, the high quality of LED down lighting bulb is a lot better than that of fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is always flickering when start up, while LED lighting is quick to start up without any flickering. We all know and have observed or live with flickering fluorescent tubes every day. They've in fact been proven to cause headaches, owing to the micro-pulse wavelength they produce. Using LEDs can lower workplace strain, headaches, and enhance efficiency, with workers at top performance, minus the migraines from CFLs!

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In contrast, LED lighting is solid state lighting which does not possess any filaments that could break (like incandescent) or harmful materials like CFLs. Someone may say that the initial costs of LED lighting is too much, due to the technology used to attain such a high lumens per watt (efficacy) score, it is true. But, think about the long term energy savings, and savings you will obtain from not needing to replace the lights, for up to 5 or 10 times as long, depending if the light substituted was incandescent or fluorescent. Either way, the more high energy halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lights you replace, the more cash you will save every month.

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LED super bright lighting lamps will substitute fluorescent lighting since it fulfills the requirements of sustainable development, incandescent lighting, due to energy savings and durability, and halogen lighting due to the heat, safety factor, and of course energy usage! Go green and truly be environment-friendly with LED lighting.

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