LED High Bay Fixtures Can Be Noticed In Homes As Well As In Lavishly Sprawled Out Places Such As A Sports Stadium

LED high bay fixtures are seen in houses as well as in lavishly sprawled out places like a sports stadium. Their superior technology is a great augury for the future as they are quite unlike the pernicious conventional lights. Their emission rate is significantly low and they also turn out to be economical eventually.

This particular campaign has mainly proposed the usage of compact fluorescent light bulbs. There is certainly a brand new technology that works even better when compared with these. Let's check out the basic details about 100W LED replacement lights.

To talk about the benefits and drawbacks of an LED high bay light fixtures, this article below can serve as an eye-opener:


1) Compatibility: LEDs are compatible to the fittings and are manufactured keeping in mind the everyday need of both domestic and commercial buildings.

2) No Ultraviolet radiation: One of the attractive features of a dimmable led flood light is that it does not produce UV rays. This is in sharp contrast to regular bulbs which can have a heavily destructive effect on the environment in the long term. LEDs have been designed with the view of helping the planet.

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3) Life cycle: Another major pro in its favor is its longevity. Every bulb and light comes with a life cycle that is usually denoted in terms of expected number of hours it will serve. While it should be sufficient to say that an LED has a higher life cycle, it is also crucial to mention that its age can be as much as 50 times that of a regular bulb. It is this marked difference in their longevity which makes LED high bay light fixtures such a huge favorite of the masses.

4) Saves energy: LEDs save money as they save energy. They are sturdy and this itself gives a buyer sufficient reason to go for them. But while the long-term asset cost is going to be worthwhile, it is also vital to note that the usage of this fixture will help to save energy on the day-to-day basis.

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5) Saves AC bills: It may seem weird but an LED installed at your home will help you to reduce your AC bills. How is that so? LEDs are cooler than other lights in the sense that they do not give out heat waves. So, the immediate environment surrounding the fixture is cooler and this is reflected through lower energy consumption by an air-conditioner.

There are myriad other benefits provided by LED high bay light fixtures but let us now direct our attention towards the drawbacks:


Higher investment required: The basic reason why some individuals are still shying away from using LEDs is that its fixtures are costlier than the fixtures of conventional technology. However, the heartening bit is that regardless of the higher initial cost, the buyer gets to save in the form of reduced energy bills. So, it gets compensated before long.

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May not be feasible for certain particular situations: high bay light, dimmable LED high bay fixtures is great for common situations but may not be able to meet the lumen requirements in certain specific cases. Nevertheless, having said so, such situations are uncommon and only applicable during emergencies or other unforeseeable contingencies.

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